Forum Digest III - Ad hoc


CU Academic Senate, 10th of October 1996

When the Academic Senate re-elected Prof. JUDr. Karel Maly, DrSc. as CU Rector, it certainly took into account the ideas of the further activities and development of the university that Prof. K. Maly presented in his programme statement of the 10th of October, 1996. In a one-hour address he submitted a view of the balance of achievements and problems in his first period as rector, and then concentrated on his future programme, summarized as the four basic tasks of the next years under the headings: development, quality, stability and prestige.

CU Academic Senate, 1st of November 1996

On the 1st of November 1996 the current Rector of Charles University, Prof. Karel Maly, was re-elected as Rector for a further three-year period of office by the university's Academic Senate. He was the only candidate put forward, and had been nominated by ten faculty senates and one CU section. Having gained a majority in the Academic Senate, he will enter on his second three-year period of office on the 1st of February 1997. 60 out of a possible 67 members of the Senate took part in the secret vote. Four dissenting votes were registered by the electoral committee out of 57 valid votes. After the declaration of the election results Professor Maly thanked to the CU Academic Senate for its expression of confidence and said that "...for me the result of the elections is something that commits me to fulfilling all that is expected of me not only by the university, but by the cause of higher education and academic development in general. The proposal for nomination of the elected candidate was put forward by the Board of the CU Academic Senate to the Ministry of Education in accordance with the terms of the University Law, and the Minister of Education Ivan Pilip then presented the proposal to the President of the Republic, who officially appointed the new Rector. According to the electoral regulations a Rector may only be elected for two successive periods of office.

(Vol. III. No. 4, 1996)

The Charles University Leadership at the Election of the Rector on the 1st of November 1996 in the Blue Lecture-Room of the CU Rectorate. From left to right: CU Pro-rectors Prof. Petr Blahus and Prof. Jaroslav Vacek, CU rector Prof. Karel Maly, Pro-Rectors Prof. Zdenek Pertold, Doc. Ivan Wilhem, Prof. Pavel Klener and the CU Questor Ing. Josef Kubicek.

Photo Forum: Michaela Vlckova