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History of Charles University

One event timed to coincide with the anniversary of the founding of Charles University has been the publication, by the Carolinum Press, of the the volume of the ambitious History of Charles University.

The third volume of the history of the university covers the period 1802 - 1918. It gives a detailed account of a century of major advance in the scientific, pedagogic and social importance of Prague University. These decades saw a great upsurge in legal studies and natural sciences, the emergence of modern medicine and increasing respect for university education in general. The university moved to the centre of political life, from Bolzano's celebrated sermons to the revolutionary spirit of the students in 1848 and up to Masaryk's struggle for Czechoslovak independence. This richly illustrated book describes the development of individual faculties, outlines the careers of important professors and analyses changes in the composition of the student body. It also devotes attention to the history of the Prague German University. The book was ceremonially presented at a meeting of the CU Board by the Rector of Charles University, Prof. Karel Maly, who wished the new volume "the same success with the public as the we wished the first and second volumes." According to the Director of the Institute for the History of Charles University and the CU Archive, Prof. Josef Petran, twenty two authors shared in work on the book. The fourth volume is still only in manuscript form and - the authors say - it has represented the biggest challenge in the whole series. Summaries of the first and second volumes will be published in English.

12.7.1997, 20:50