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The History of Charles University

In the spring of 1998 the fourth and final volume of a comprehensive history of Charles University will be published. The History of Charles University IV (1918-1990), to be published by the Carolinum - Charles University Press (and printed by the Prague Calamarus Press) is the joint work of staff of the Institute for the History of CU and CU archives and other members of various CU faculties under the editorial leadership of PhDr. Zdenek Pousta. Thematically the book, containing both a synthetic overview and specialized chapters, deals with the most recent period in the history of Charles University, i.e. the period from the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918 to November, 1989. It even devotes some attention to events in 1990. It is 444 pages long, contains more than 200 photographs and includes accounts of rectors, pro-rectors, deans and pro-deans of the period as well as data on student numbers. There is also a special chapter devoted to the reconstruction of the Carolinum and renewal of other historic CU buildings. The publication of the fourth and also the largest volume of the History of Charles University is the culmination of the efforts of the university to construct a detailed picture of its own past.


Volume IV, no. 4, 1997


Many years of research experience and the results of their own archaeological work in Egypt form the basis for a major, original work by Miroslav Verner (leader of the authorial collective), Ladislav Bares, Bretislav Vachala and Milan Zemina, all of the Czech Egyptological Institute at Charles University. The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ancient Egypt is a unique achievement in international literature of its kind and provides a concise view of the history of Egypt from the end of praehistory, when the foundations for the gradual formation of the pharaonic state were gradually laid, to the conquest of the country by Alexander of Macedon and the rule of the Ptolemies. A separate chapter is devoted to the gradual rediscovery of the forgotten legacy of Ancient Egypt, the emergence and history of Egyptology and its tasks today. The main part of the book consists in more than 950 entries relating to political conditions, the economy, religion, language and script, literature, art, important figures and events, and archaeological sites. The exquisitely produced book contains more than 600 illustrations - colour and black-and-white photographs (by Milan Zemina), ink drawings, diagrams and maps. Its aim is not just to provide a visual record and accompanying information, but above all to present the unique character of Ancient Egyptian art.

The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ancient Egypt is published on the occasion of the 650th anniversary of the founding of Charles University.


Volume IV, no. 2, 1997