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Presentation of Hlavka Awards

This year the presentation of Josef Hlavka Medals and Prizes involved a change from the traditional pattern of the award. The trustees of the Foundation decided to give five Josef Hlavka Medals for lifelong work and forty Josef Hlavka Prizes to the best students at Prague universities and the Technical University in Brno and to young academics at the Czech Academy of Sciences. The award ceremony, at which the prizes were presented by the Chairman of the Foundation's Trustees, doc. Jaroslav Nedved, was held in the presence of the CU Rector, Prof. Karel Maly, the Rector of the Czech Technical University Prof. Petr Zuna, The Czech Minister of Health Jan Strasky, the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences Prof. Rudolf Zahradnik and Jakub Cermin, Chairman of the Czech Association of Fighters for Freedom. Among the prize-winners were thirteen students of Charles University: Mgr. Radvan Bahbouh (Phil. Fac.), PhDr. Petr Kreuz (Law Fac.), Mgr. Olga Kropikova (Ped. Fac.), Jiri Pavlu (1st Med. Fac.), Marta Janebova (3rd Med. Fac.), Ivana Kholova (Med. Fac. at Hradec Kralove), Marketa Svehlova (Med. Fac. at Plzen), Ing. Vladimir Wsol (Pharm. Fac.) - in our photograph, Veronika Vajdova (Nat. Sci. Fac.), Jan Jansa (Nat. Sci. Fac.), Mgr. David Viduna (Nat. Sci. Fac.), Mgr. Tomas Kaiser (Maths and Phys. Fac.), and Mgr. Pavel Severa (Maths and Phys. Fac.).


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Volume IV, no. 5, 1997

Doctorate Awarded to British Philologist

In a ceremony held on the 21st of October, Sir Charles Randolph, Lord Quirk, Emeritus Professor at University College, London, was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Philological Sciences by the Rector of CU, Prof. Karel Maly. Lord Quirk is an internationally distinguished scholar, mainly in the field of contemporary English language, and is the chief author of what is the largest English grammar, A Comprehensive Grammar of the English. His name is inseparably linked with the survey of language usage. He has devoted himself to the teaching of English both as a foreign and as a native language, the relationships between British and American English and many other problems. Lord Quirk is a member of many learned societies, and holds honorary doctorates from universities in England, the USA, Paris, Uppsala, Liege, Poznan and elsewhere. He has done much to build up and deepen relations between English and Czech specialists in modern English studies, broken off after 1948. In addition to the award of the honorary doctorate Lord Quirk received a CU Gold Commemorative Medal from the hands of the CU Rector .


Lord Quirk in discussion with Martin Hilsky, Professor of English and American literature
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Volume IV, no. 4, 1997

The Fourth Year of the Bolzano Prize

Tuesday the 11th of November 1997 was a day of celebration for 15 students, today in fact most of them graduates, of 7 faculties of Charles University. They attended a ceremony in the Carolinum where in the presence of the highest representatives of CU and representatives of the Czech Savings Bank they received the prestigious Bolzano Prize. Together with the Czech Savings Bank, Charles University holds the competition for this prize every year. It is designed to support the academic education and specialist training of students of the university and at the same time to strengthen the good name of both organizing institutions. The prize is given for the best specialist and academic work produced by students of CU in the framework of their undergraduate bachelor's and master's courses and postgraduate doctoral studies in the field of law, economics, mathematics and the social sciences.

The winners were presented with their prizes by the representative of Charles University, Pro-Rector Prof. MUDr. J. Koutecky, DrSc., who was deputing for the Rector, and Ing. Libor Svoboda, the representative of the Czech Savings Bank. In an address, Prof. PhDr. Miloslav Petrusek, CSc., Pro-Rector for Study Affairs and Chairman of the Assessors' Committee, offered warm congratulations to all the laureates of the competition and praised their work highly. He also offered cordial thanks to the sponsor of the competition - the Czech Savings Bank - and thanked the expert assessors' committee for their responsible and demanding work.

The representative of the Czech Savings Bank, Ing. Libor Svoboda, expressed his admiration for the work of the young winners and said that the Czech Savings Bank had an interest in supporting the academic achievements of CU students through the competition and into the future. This was attested by the fact that this year the bank had donated 100,000 Kc more to the competition than in the previous year, making a total of 250,000 Kc.

The 1997 Winners of the Bolzano Prize, sponsored by the Czech Savings Bank
  1. Postgraduate Doctoral Studies
    Mgr. Marek Prochazka, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
  2. Undergraduate Studies
    Mgr. Jiri Gebelt (Hussite Theol. Fac.), Mgr. Pavlina Rezacova (Natural Sciences Fac.), Mgr. Kristina Vackova (Ped. Fac.), Mgr. Pavel Marsalek (Law Fac.), Mgr. Radvan Bahbouh (Phil. Fac.), Mgr. Petr Kaplicky (Maths and Physics Fac.), Mgr. Dalibor Prazak (Maths and Physics Fac.), Mgr. Roman Stastny (Law Fac.), Mgr. David Hadrousek (Law Fac.), Milena Uhlikova (Phil. Fac.), Mgr. Dana Hollanderova (Natural Sciences Fac.) Mgr. Petr Kolar (Fac. of Soc. Sci.), Mgr. Tomas Holub (Fac. of Soc. Sci.), Mgr. Eva Bokova (Ped. Fac.).

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Volume IV, no. 5, 1997

An Austrian Medal for Merit

On the 10th of December 1997, the Austrian Ambassador, Dr. Peter Niesner, in the presence of Professor Dr. Herbert Schambeck, President of Federal Council, an acting on behalf of the Austrian President Thomas Klestil, presented the CU Rector Prof. Karel Maly with a Great Gold Medal for Merit for services to the Austrian Republic. The ceremony took place at the Prague residence of the Austrian Embassy, and was given in recognition of the CU Rector's efforts to strengthen and deepen relations between the Czech Republic and Austria - especially in the academic field.

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Volume IV, no. 5, 1997