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Jubilee Course of the Summer School of Slavonic Studies

The 40th course of the Summer School of Slavonic Studies, to be held under the auspices of the CU Rector Prof. JUDr. Karel Maly, DrSc. (taking place from 26 June to 23 August in Prague) is intended for professors, senior readers, assistants, lectors, translators, postgraduate and advanced students of Slavistics and Bohemistics. The Summer School of Slavonic Studies provides a picture of the contemporary research state in the field, especially in the Czech language, literary history and Czech history. Lectures, seminars, practical language classes and special courses will be taught by experts, teachers of CU and other Czech universities and researchers from the Academy of Sciences. The high level of the school is taken care of by the Director, Doc. PhDr. Jan Kuklik, CSc. The Academic Board of the Faculty of Philosophy sincerely welcomes foreign Slavic scholars to take part in the 40th course of the Summer School of Slavonic Studies.

The acceptance requirements are active knowledge of one Slavonic language (Czech at least to the level of one year university study). Those interested in the course should fill in the application form and send it to the secretariat address no later then 1 May 1996. The Secretariat will announce the acceptance of reciprocal students and participants by 20 June 1996.

Contact address:
Summer School of Slavonic Studies
Filozoficka fakulta UK
Nam. Jana Palacha 2
116 38 Praha l
tel./fax: 0042 02 2319645

On the stairs of the Rudolfinum, several steps from the Philosophical Faculty, the traditional place of the Summer School of Slavonic Studies, Forum found about two hundred young people from all continents of the world (the photograph was taken last year). The month in Prague comprised a high quality tuition program, complete with trips around the Republic, film shows and concerts. At the closing ceremony of last year's course (24 August 1995), all 187 students from 31 countries were awarded a certificate on successful completion.

Photo: Michaela Zindelova

The American Institute on Economic and Political Systems

At the end of July 1995 the Faculty of Social Sciences CU organized the third year of summer school called the American Institute on Economic and Political Systems in cooperation with the Georgetown University and the Fund for American Studies (a charity educational institution also based in Washington, D.C.). Over a hundred students from sixteen countries of Central and Eastern Europe plus Germany and the USA took part. The participants were offered a rich programme of lectures in English given by the foremost experts in the field of economics and political science. They visited the Parliament and heard many major personalities of cultural and political life - including the Prague Post Editor-in-Chief Alan Levy, diplomat Jack Matlock, former US Ambassador to Moscow and Bundestag representative Wolfgang Dexheimer.

The Summer School culminated in a ceremonial handing out of diplomas at the Rudolfinum and a speech by the Czech Premier Vaclav Klaus. (In our photo the Premier is discussing with students.)

Because of the success of the 1995 summer school, the Faculty of Social Sciences in cooperation with its partners is now preparing the next year of The American Institute on Economic and Political Systems, which will be held from 13 July to 3 August 1996. Both American and Czech university teachers will participate in the realization of the programme. Moreover the participants will be offered a wide range of possibilities for cultural and social life.

Contact and further information:
Dpt. of Research and International Relations,
Faculty of Social Sciences CU
Cyril Simsa, tel. 42 2/2481 0804 ext. 228
or Ms. Ann Erker, The Fund for American Studies,
1526 Eighteenth St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036,

In our photo the Premier is discussing with students

Photo: Forum archives

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