Forum Digest II/Index

The Charles University Magazine
Digest of vol. 2, nos. 1-6

Forum UK is published fortnightly by the Rectorate of Charles University.
Editorial offices: Ovocny trh 3, 116 36 Praha 1, Czech Republic.
Tel.: Prague (422) 24 491 348. Tel./fax: Prague (422) 24 491 309.
Editor-in-Chief: PhDr. Michaela Zindelova.
Editor: PhDr. Nora Dolanska.
Secretary: Michaela Vlckova.
Director of the Editorial Board: Doc. Ing. Ivan Wilhelm, DrSc., Pro-Rector of Charles University.
Translation: PhDr. Pavla Slaba.
This selection from vol. 2, nos. 1-6, was published in January 1996.
Forum is distributed free on academic soil.
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