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Hlavka's Students' Hostel Project

In 1904 Josef Hlavka, students' patron, dedicated to the Union of Students of Prague Universities the building of Hlavka's Students' Hostel. His last will includes the obligation for his Foundation to take part in the financial care of the hostel. The Board would like to meet the obligation. The problem, however, is that the hostel does not fulfill its goal - to ensure, materially and otherwise, good study conditions for talented but indigent students. The foundation wants to resume talks with the Minister of Education, Czech Technical University administration and Rectors of Prague Universities. If the negotiations are successful, the project could be renewed from 1 September 1996. For a number of students this would mean a solution to the much discussed question of dwelling in Prague and material sustenance...

The front of the house at 1 Jenstejnska street in Prague 1 bears the plaque of Jan Opletal, who also lived there. Other attributes of the decoration of the house testify to different aims of the present "lodgers"...

Photo Forum: Michaela Vlckova

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